Palstave are committed to deliver a bespoke, quality orientated service to their customers, which includes complying with all of our customer’s and legal requirements and becoming the preferential intermediary within our market segment. We are focused on customer satisfaction by ensuring products are supplied to customer requirements and delivered “Right First Time – Every Time”.

We aim to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system by seeking continual certification to the latest ISO quality standard (9001).

This includes the setting and reviewing of quality objectives, which are detailed in our documented quality system.

We carry out an annual review of our quality management system, including this policy, to ensure its continuing suitability.

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Palstave has been serving the worlds mining, steel and heavy engineering industries for many years. Based in the Isle of Man, the heart of the British Isles, we are perfectly situated to meet the physical and commercial needs of truly global commerce.

ISO 9001 & 14001

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Environmental policy

Palstave are committed to the reduction of waste, the prevention of pollution, and protecting the environment, and has implemented an environmental management system which complies with the latest ISO environmental standard (14001). This ensures that all of our processes and activities are independently assessed and continually improved, to enhance environmental performance.

As part of this system we have identified our environmental aspects and established controls to reduce their impacts on the environment. All relevant compliance obligations are considered when implementing these controls.

We have set environmental objectives focusing on our key impacts, which form an essential part of our continual improvement program. These are reviewed regularly to ensure our targets are being met.

This policy is maintained by annual review, to ensure it is still relevant to our business processes, and updated when required.

We take our responsibility for Quality and the Environment very seriously.

Palstave are ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified

To deliver a bespoke, quality orientated service to our customers and to become the preferential intermediary within our market segment.

How we live and strive to attain this is through being responsible and accountable to Our Customers, Our Environment & Community, Our Quality Systems, Our Products, Our Partners and Our Shareholders